Saturday, December 24, 2011

Poinsettias made from books!

These are pretty easy, you could do them with your kids! I did mine on my own though, this was my original inspiration. The pin takes you to the blog but not the right page... Her blog is great, she has some real talent!

Step one: Paint swatches on your pieces of paper

Step two: Fold your pieces in half on each swatch and cut out the leaf shape. I used zig zag scissors because I couldnt find my regular ones, but I like the look even better!

Step three: Glue the petals together. Start with the two and glue them end to end. Glue the next two end to end and then on top of the first two.

Step four: Throw some glue in the middle and put on some rhinestones! If you dont want rhinestones, you can use a hole punch and punch out some yellow circles for the middle.

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