Monday, December 26, 2011

Learning how to use Gimp2

Anyone interested in learning how to make this?
or this?

I just learned this tutorial the other day and am excited to share it with you. I've been wanting to learn how to do this forever!

I just did a google search for the Air Force logo and the texture, here I used ACU and on the one I'm using to demonstrate I did a search for fabrics and liked this one. I actually edited the Air Force logo a while ago to have the heart in the middle because I think it's cute.

How to:

Open Gimp and place both pictures by clicking 'Open as Layers...'

Put the Air Force logo as the top layer. in the layer box on the right, right click and go down to 'Alpha to Selection'

Right click on the logo, go to select, and invert.

Next, highlight the texture layer. (I had to duplicate the layer to make it big enough to cover the whole logo.) Right click 'edit' and 'cut'

You will now want to delete the original logo and you will see the logo cut out of the material.

If you are wanting this in the forground, you will need one more step to make sure that the background of this layer is invisible. Right click on the image, go down to 'colors' and 'color to alpha'. When the new window comes up, click ok. You are set!

I hope you guys like this tutorial, I really enjoyed making these images, I wish I had more things to make!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Poinsettias made from books!

These are pretty easy, you could do them with your kids! I did mine on my own though, this was my original inspiration. The pin takes you to the blog but not the right page... Her blog is great, she has some real talent!

Step one: Paint swatches on your pieces of paper

Step two: Fold your pieces in half on each swatch and cut out the leaf shape. I used zig zag scissors because I couldnt find my regular ones, but I like the look even better!

Step three: Glue the petals together. Start with the two and glue them end to end. Glue the next two end to end and then on top of the first two.

Step four: Throw some glue in the middle and put on some rhinestones! If you dont want rhinestones, you can use a hole punch and punch out some yellow circles for the middle.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Newest artwork!

This is the newest thing I have made to put in my living room. I really need to have a better design in here, I am so tired of mismatched dollar store photos and and splatter paint. This is getting me well on my way. I've got it hanging next to my book wreath in a previous post, I really like it!

I'm also getting a new picture frame from craigslist, I think I'm going to paint it yellow and put a pretty design behind it or something like that. I'm really excited! Now I just need to figure out what to do with the rest of the walls in my living room!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Paracord Bracelets!

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Paracord is what attaches a parachute to the skydiver. It is called 550 paracord because one strand can hold 550 pounds. These are also called survival bracelets because they can be used in emergency situations. There are 7 inner strands that can be taken out and used to make many things, including a fishing net in emergency situations. They are pretty cool! You can do any colors, show your pride with your favorite team colors, show support for a cause by using those colors. What a great fashion statement!

Paracord (Measure your wrist and do 11 or 12 times that amount)
Tweezers (not pictured, I have pointy ones)

~$13.00  The paracord is sold in 50, 100, and 1000 foot spools. I always buy 100 ft and you can make several bracelets out of that size. Prices vary, but expect to pay about $12.00 for 100 ft. The more you buy, the cheaper the price by the foot. The buckle was $1.00 at the local military surplus store, but you can probably find it cheaper online. You probably have the rest in your house.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ribbon Wreath

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Thick Black Polyester Ribbon (I had some 2.5 inch that I cut in half for this.)
Green Organza Ribbon
14 inch (I think) embroidery hoop
Price:  ~$10.00. The black ribbon I bought on sale, it was $5.00. The roll of organza was $1.99 at Hobby Lobby. The embroidery hoop was about $2.50.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Book Wreath

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Finally got this one finished today! It is HUGE.
1 14" wreath
Jodi Piccoult novel (JUST the right size)
Hot glue
Price: Wreath $3.99 Book: Upcycled, originally $12.00, but you can use any novel you'd like.

ABU Rag Wreath

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These wreaths are SO easy to make.
About 1 yard of each fabric. I usually buy a yard and a half of each just to be sure I have enough, and usually have half a yard left over lol. I cut up an old pair of ABU pants instead of buying new fabric, and I didn't use the whole pair.
Mechanical Pencil/ knitting needle/ something long and pointy
14" Straw Wreath (I prefer straw over styrophome because I think it looks nicer and doesn't fall apart. You MUST keep the wrapping on.)
Price: ~$12.00 for this one. I usually choose fabrics that are 6.95/yard, and the pants were upcycled. The wreath is $3.99.