Monday, December 26, 2011

Learning how to use Gimp2

Anyone interested in learning how to make this?
or this?

I just learned this tutorial the other day and am excited to share it with you. I've been wanting to learn how to do this forever!

I just did a google search for the Air Force logo and the texture, here I used ACU and on the one I'm using to demonstrate I did a search for fabrics and liked this one. I actually edited the Air Force logo a while ago to have the heart in the middle because I think it's cute.

How to:

Open Gimp and place both pictures by clicking 'Open as Layers...'

Put the Air Force logo as the top layer. in the layer box on the right, right click and go down to 'Alpha to Selection'

Right click on the logo, go to select, and invert.

Next, highlight the texture layer. (I had to duplicate the layer to make it big enough to cover the whole logo.) Right click 'edit' and 'cut'

You will now want to delete the original logo and you will see the logo cut out of the material.

If you are wanting this in the forground, you will need one more step to make sure that the background of this layer is invisible. Right click on the image, go down to 'colors' and 'color to alpha'. When the new window comes up, click ok. You are set!

I hope you guys like this tutorial, I really enjoyed making these images, I wish I had more things to make!

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